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Things I look for when inspecting your home

Electrical problems

I will go through the home and test all outlets for correct wiring, suggest GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter), and AfCI (arc fault circuit interrupters) outlets in the appropriate areas, and share with you my thoughts on the home's electrical system, including the main electrical panel.

Leaking fixtures

I will test all water fixtures for flow, drain, and leaks, and use my experience  and knowledge of the plumbing system to find problem areas. 

Water damage

Unless your want to crawl into the attic, you might not catch this one. There were new shingles on the roof, but the damage was already done. The sheathing under the new shingles would not have held up under a heavy snow load. I spend time in the attic and crawlspace looking for problem areas. 

Poor Workmanship

Joining two exposed electrical wires with caps and attaching them to the wall is not only dangerous but irresponsible. Imagine your kids playing in the garage and pulling on live wire! Not a shocking experience I want your family exposed to. 

Roofing concerns

Walking the roofs sometimes leads to interesting finds. A half hearted roofing  job can lead to expensive repairs if not caught before closing. On this job I found that the contractor didn't cover the roof under the eves with tile. 

Safety Issues

Bollards, gas drip legs, thermocouples,   bonding of the gas systems, are all serious safety issues that most homeowners pass by everyday and not notice. I look for these safety systems and verify they are protecting you and your family.   


100+ degrees outside is not the time to find out the house you just bought has heating/cooling problems. At the time of inspection, I will run the heating and cooling systems (when possible) in the house and verify they are functioning properly and  able to  heat or cool the home as intended.


Foundations are what everything else sits on. A faulty, damaged, or improper foundation most likely will lead to other issues through-out the house. Where possible, I will examine the foundation and report any issues and concerns I have. 

Whoops... You Didn't see that one!

Buying a home can make you gitty! You love the design, the Kitchen is fabulous, and the garage is to die for. You rush the realtor's office and put in an offer without really having a good look around. You didn't  see the broken front widow pane, or know that the water heater doesn't work, or that the range top doesn't work. NO WORRIES. We've got you covered!

Home Sweet Home

My Goal is that you buy and move into your dream home with no surprises and enjoy many wonderful  and happy years in your new home.



Kevin Rice, Owner of Denali Home Inspections, LLC, has had a hand (and foot) in construction and remodeling in Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska for over 30 years. Starting with carpentry in high school helping to build sheds, he then moved on to building relocatable classrooms for the school district. In 1991 Kevin moved to Fairbanks to pursue college and in 1995 he graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. With the exception of one year, Kevin spent the next 20 years running a successful business, managing properties, remodeling properties, building custom homes, and raising two beautiful girls. 

Kevin has worked for the National Park Service in Alaska, working within the B&U (Building and Utilities) department where he performed facilities maintenance duties including rough and finish carpentry, electrical problem solving and component installation, and working with and installing water mains for the park.

Kevin's custom home experience and knowledge starts at the footers and extends to the roof including plumbing, electrical, framing , and finish work. He enjoys all aspects of home building and remodeling in the cold Alaskan climate and the specific areas of concern in that region. 

In 2017 Kevin moved to Arizona with his wife and soon began his inspection career.  With home inspection  training in the Phoenix area he experienced  the hot temperatures that homes are exposed to and the special needs of homes in that climate. With training and exposure to both extreme hot and cold climate conditions he feels especially confident that he can inspect your home with a more focused eye and see things other inspectors might not notice.


In July of 2018 Kevin and his wife moved to Alamosa Colorado after she received a job offer they just could not pass up. With elevation of 7500 plus feet and cold winters, Kevin will again be putting his cold weather training to work while inspecting homes for that climate. He looks forward to shoveling snow again and wearing more than shorts year round like he did in Arizona.





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